A series of handles and functional accessories perfect to make your classic door or your modern door unique.


Alice Bicolor

The two faces of modern lines. A contemporary handle : in the features, shapes, materials. Prominent element capable of emerging in any context.

Alice Cromo

The lines of tradition meet the modern. The perfect combination for whom is looking for a modern handle but with references to softer shapes. "


Clean lines for a refined style. The essentiality of this modern handle tells about the contemporaneity of tastes and lifestyles.


The minimal of every day. A careful research linked to ergonomic aspects returns a practical and functional handle for interiors .


Simplicity that makes the difference. There are no excesses. Everything refers to pure design concept. The modern handle is perfect geometry.


The refinement of the lines passes through a dynamic and constantly moving design. It is the design evolution of the handle for interior doors .

Shelby Chrome

The chrome handle suitable for any style capable of characterizing any type of choice linked to interior doors . Quality and aesthetics.

Shelby Black Matt

The contemporaneity represented by shapes, materials and finishes. The choice of a black handle conquers with its contemporary elegance.


The refinement of antiqued silver. The suggestive material effect. The purity of forms. These are the distinctive features of this indoor handle .


The classic handle with soft shapes that reveals the refined taste of those who choose it. A touch of class that will become a highly distinctive element.

Fiorella Chrome

The classic meets the modern: the choice and the ideal combination for internal handles . A silhouette that tells concepts related to practicality and ergonomics.

Fiorella Bicolor

The timeless classic. Fiorella represents the traditional handle with a timeless design. Declinable to those aesthetic paths with a well-defined style.

Pawls and Kit

Handles and accessories

Pawl Cromo

Standard pawl in chrome finish.
Handles and accessories

MD Chrome Kit

Kit for sliding with handle and finger.
Handles and accessories

Matt Black MD Kit

Sliding kit with little handle
Handles and accessories

SMD Chrome Kit

Sliding kit with lock and little handle
Handles and accessories

Matt Black SMD Kit

Sliding kit with lock and little handle

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