Style and details of the collectionTechno Move

Technology at the service of modern doors. Precise and silent movements to discover or hide spaces.

Quiet and without brickwork. Techno Move: the technology that moves suspended materials.

Techno Move  is available in the types:
External sliding wall.

Closing system

Closing system

Closure with lock that allows the door to be locked.

Safety glass

Safety glass

It has a high resistance to frontal collisions, subjected to breaking stress it shatters into blunt pieces that are not very dangerous.

Technical features

  • External sliding wall
  • Easy to assemble
  • No maintenance
  • Maintains stability
  • Harmonic synchronized movements
Laminato Bianco Spazzolato
Laminato Larice Luce Vena Verticale
Laminato Larice Fieno
Laminato Olmo Natura

Models of the collection Techno Move

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