Style and details of the collectionEleria

The purest expression of the concept of design doors. Harmony and aesthetic cleanliness enhance the living space.

Eleria is the evolution of the Materia Plus collection, whose focus remains the clean lines, the research of design and the reference to nature. And it is precisely the latter that finds its maximum expression in Eleria, whose jambs and architraves are made of wood.

Eleria  is available in the types:
Hinged, folding, internal wall sliding and external wall sliding door.

Mini frame on 3 sides

Mini frame on 3 sides

Mini frame on 3 sides to minimize the passage of light and sounds.

Concealed hinges

Concealed hinges

3 concealed hinges to keep the lines of the door clean and elegant without sacrificing functionality.

Magnetic lock

Magnetic lock

Magnetic lock for a technical and silent closing.

Technical features

  • Fir blockboard frame
  • LSB casings
  • 3 concealed hinges
  • 45 mm honeycomb panel with rebate

Widths: 600/650/700/750/800/850/900
Heights: 2100 (laminated only) and 2400 (laminated and lacquered)

Laminato Ghiaccio
Laminato Sabbia
Laminato Terra
Laccato Sabbia
Laccato Ghiaccio
Laccato Terra
Laccato RAL 9010
Laminato Bianco Talco

Models of the collection Eleria

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