EDILGREEN is an Italian commercial Company that produces lacquered and laminate doors. It was born in 2002 and it’s expanding its business into the international market.

Edilgreen, Sovepan and Master Profili form a Companies’ Group with 24 years of experience that offers to the customer the certainty that its products are followed in each work stage: from row materials, to semi-finished up to the finished product. All the Companies can meet the demands of furniture makers, joiners, internal decorators and designers to make any component of the furniture, building and contract sectors.

Edilgreen, thanks to its experience, its commercial set-up and its marketing strategies can gather and meet the demands of the customer. Together with the Group’s synergy it can realize its products quickly to satisfy customers’ and retailers’ needs.





Green Life Factory is not a work place, but our “way” of working. Every detail of the production system was optimized to elevate the quality level to the highest standards.

Where the machinery does not arrive, on the contrary the mind does: actually we personalized most of the machinery to enhance some crucial passages, or even simple details, to have a better product with an exemplary quality.

But the factory is not only this, for us it is also the real base, the starting point of Green Life style: everyone of us knows how to excel, everyone knows how to devote the closest attention and the care needed so that every production phase is always perfect. That is why our factory is not built around workers, but around persons who well know their job.

That is why Green Life exists.

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